New One Pound Coin

The Royal Mint released the New One Pound Coin on 28th March 2017.

New One Pound Coin

The new One Pound Coin is being introduced to substantially reduce crime and fraud in the UK and there will be just a 6-month period where the existing and new One Pound (£1) coins will co-circulate, so it is crucial that business owners, manufacturers and end-users are fully prepared.

We here at Bolton Lock Company Ltd can offer you a range of compatible conversion kits to cover all of your Locker Locks.

Call a member of our Locksales team who will offer you impartial advice on how to convert your current locks.

Presently the following manufactures have produced a solution for the new coin. Other manufacturers will follow.

We also have a simpler solution to those of you who’s budget wouldn’t stretch to installing conversion kits. OWN BRANDED LOCKER TOKENS.

This is your opportunity to not only keep your costs down on the conversion process but to advertise your business and offer your members a stress free system of paying for their locker space.


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