Brizebox Parcel Safe Delivery System

With the increase of online home shopping the constant worry is where will my parcels be left if I am not at home.

The Answer Is Simple! Brizebox

The function of the Brizebox parcel delivery box is simple. The filing cabinet drawer system has a false bottom, which consists of flaps that are connected to a large turn handle on the outside of the box. When the handle is turned in the direction of the arrow the flaps swing down and the parcel drops down to the secure locked bottom. Please take a look at the video below for a full demonstration.

Please visit our extensive shop showroom to try out the Brizebox.

The model range consists of the following:-

  • Compact Standalone
  • Standard Standalone
  • Large Standalone
  • Compact Build-In
  • Standard Build-In
  • Compact Apartment
  • Standard Apartment
  • Posts

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