wAppLoxx Innovative Access Control

Bolton Lock Company Ltd and ABUS bring you the very latest in Innovative Access Control.
ABUS wapploxx

wAppLoxx Web.App.Alarm System

Innovative access control. That’s what the new wAppLoxx System delivers. It combines the advantages of a traditional access control system with flexible and smart online management via the web or an intranet. Create and adjust locking plans, react instantly to events, open doors at the touch of a button and activate your alarm system: you can now do it all from the comfort of your home/office or from anywhere on the go. An app even makes it possible to adjust settings simply by using your smartphone. With the wAppLoxx, ABUS is ushering in a new era of access control – the era of access control 4.0.

Advantages At a Glance

New Features

  •  Remote arming of individual doors via the web/app from anywhere in the world
  •  Arm and disarm burglar alarm systems via the web/app from anywhere in the world
  •  E-mail notifications when a predefined event occurs
  •  Fully wireless system


  •  Finest mechanical intrusion protection
  •  AES protected access
  •  SSL web security
  •  Local data storage
  •  Choose between intranet or web-based access
  •  Highly secure P2P communication between app and wAppLoxx Control

All In One

  •  Complete solution for access management in small to medium-sized properties (20 doors, 150 employees covered by a single system)
  • Both convenient and secure
  • Full wAppLoxx Cylinder control from anywhere in the world
  • Arm/disarm burglar alarm systems
  • Control opening of doors or motorized locks

Speed and Flexibility

  •  Control via your browser or app
  •  Configure the wAppLoxx Control online: access rights, activation switching rights, time-restricted access, access logs
  •  Locking right changes can be wirelessly activated online
  •  Faster installation and start-up

Web Interface

  •  Intuitive web interface ensures simple installation and operation
  • Add new users quickly
  • Specify locking and time schedules
  • Create locking rights quickly and easily

System Benefits

  •  Control via web or app
  •  Simple to install with a minimum of project planning required
  •  Remote door opening and EMA connection
  •  Intuitive operation via web browser
  • No running costs incurred through fees or leasing

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