TVL Anti-Grab Wallet

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The All New Anti-Grab Wallet


Transmitting Radio Frequency from key remotes is not new, however remote key signal extender  devices are now more affordable and accessible. Usually a collector box is placed by the house or where the key is, a 2nd receiver device is held by the car. The remote key signal is then collected and transmitted up to 100 metres away, hence how all key-less start vehicles are vulnerable to this  threat. By placing your key in our Anti-Scan Wallet your key is “cloaked” and will prevent this method of attack.

  • The all new Ant-Grab Wallet is designed to prevent this equipment from being able to pick up the signal that your remote transmits, preventing this type of attack.
  • This product is best suited for ‘keyless’ entry vehicles such as Range Rover, BMW, Audi etc.

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