Week 1 National Home Security Month

Raise the alarm

w/c 1st October

 NHSM kicks-off with a focus on home alarms and how they can protect your property. From the traditional to the smart, we’re exploring how the popular alarm not only acts as an excellent visual deterrent, but also provides protection for your property.

  • Over 81% of burglars admit to stopping or selecting another target if the property has an alarm installed.
  • Get instant alerts. Smart Home Alarms can now send notifications, emails and even images
    to your smartphone when triggered by motion.
  • Some Smart Alarms will even integrate with third party devices to create a superior security suite to scare away any would-be thieves.
  • Do you have a pet and worry about false alarms? Invest in a pet-friendly alarm with PIR cameras so your furry friend can pass-through unnoticed.


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