Dashboard Cameras

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Dashboard Cameras
Why would You want to have a Dashboard Camera in Your Car?

Prove your case in the unfortunate event of an accident
Report bad drivers / road rage
Protection for your parked vehicle
Protection from insurance fraud
Record your route and driving speed
Monitor your employees and vehicle fleet
Record holiday and weekend trips
Capture scenic routes
Share fun or unlikely events with your family, friends, or the world
We now have in stock a range of In Car Dashboard Cameras by Silent Witness to suite all levels of technology content and budgets. Starting from our entry level front facing camera with DVR & Crash Cam to our top of the range front & rear facing camera with an option to add a third, with HD, DVR & Crash Cam, built in 1.5” display, GPS with Google mapping software.

All our cameras are plug and play and can be easily fitted, with clear fitting instructions. If you prefer your camera to be fitted by ourselves we do provide a professional fitting service which includes the hiding of the wiring and connection to the ignition for auto on / off switching.

Camera Range

Camera Range