KSE100 Euro

KeySecure Extra 100 key cabinet with Euro Cylinder lock

Product Description


KeySecure cabinets provide effective key control and security. Key control is of paramount importance to maintain the security and safety of any building, vehicle or area.  Where an increased level of security and control is required KeySecure Extra key cabinets provide an effective control over movements, whereabouts and security of keys and padlocks. The KeySecure Extra cabinet is manufactured with a 2.5 mm body and 3 mm door. In addition the locking mechanism is operated by a half Euro cylinder enabling the Key Security Cabinet to be upgraded into part of a Master Key System.


KSE100 Euro

  • Key Capacity     100 keys
  • Height                  550 mm
  • Width                   380 mm
  • Depth                   80 mm
  • Weight Kgs        17 kg



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