The Worlds Strongest Padlock

Introducing the Squire SS100

When lock manufacturers Henry Squire heralded their SS80CS as the strongest padlock in the world, we didn`t disagree, but then they launched the worlds toughest production padlock, their new SS100 range of Closed Shackle and Open Shackle padlocks – and all we can say is WOW!

Both the Open and Closed Shackle padlocks feature a 100mm wide solid steel body, a removable 20mm diameter hardened boron alloy steel shackle and twin 6 pin locking cylinders which can be keyed alike, or keyed differently to provide a supervisory function.

Each can only be described as a beast of a padlock, with the Open Shackle unit weighing in at around 3.4 kilograms and the Closed Shackle padlock weighing in at a massive 4.3kg.

This padlock is the first ever to achieve the highest LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) Level SR4 accreditation and CEN 6 approval – the closed shackle padlock was tested to Sold Secure Diamond standard with a 22mm security chain.

To achieve that level of accreditation, among other things, the padlock must be able to withstand an attack using a cordless angle grinder (with spare battery and 3 cutting discs), for 10 minutes.

Each of the two lock cylinders locks one side of the removable shackle in position, so both cylinders must be unlocked before the shackle can be removed. 

The Product

  • 20mm diameter hardened boron steel shackle
  • 100mm wide solid hardened steel lock body
  • Two 6 pin cylinders with (over 1 million key differs possible)
  • Each lock cylinder is supplied with 2 keys
  • Electrophoretic anti-corrosion finish
  • Anti-drill protection
  • Robust plastic body cover with protective dust cover for keyways
  • Tensile pull tested to 24 tons
  • Dual key usage ideal for supervised use