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Are locks built to a specific key number supplied with keys ?

NO, only random locks are supplied with keys as your customers existing key should fit the newly supplied lock any additional keys need to be ordered separately.
Are all keys cut in the same way ?

NO, some keys are side (edge) cut and others cut down the center (laser cut)
Type of Key Cut

Can you get a key number from a picture ?

YES, as long as the picture is clear enough we can decode the cuts and identify a key number.

Do you supply remote / fob batteries?

YES, we have a large selection of batteries for remotes, feel free to contact us for more details

Can you supply part numbers and key numbers from VIN ?

Although dealers can sometimes obtain key /lock information from VIN, for security reasons we require that both pieces of information are supplied to us when ordering. This ensures the correct security checks have been followed, and the information has been obtained from your database records.

Will we get a confirmation of our order with a job reference ?

If you order by email we will respond with 24 hours with confirmation of your order.

What is the cut off time ?

Orders placed by 3.00pm will be dispatched same day (subject to stock availability).
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