WI4941735 Winkhaus

Multi-lock Gearbox Replacement Lock

Product Description

Winkhaus genuine gearbox with a split spindle function and available with either a 35mm, 45mm or 55mm backset.

Operation: Lift Lever or Split spindle

Latch reversal: Push in latch and a screw will appear in back of lockcase. Undo the screw to remove the latch. Reverse, reinsert and replace screw.

Nightlatch reversal: The small rectangular slot adjacent to side of the spindle hole contains a hollow black roll pin. Insert a flat bladed screwdriver and push the pin to opposite side to reverse function.

Winkhaus cases are held on by pin rivets which are on the side of the case(1 top 1 bottom) – to remove simply knock the pins out with a punch, the orginals can usaully be re-used however we do sell replacement pin rivets should you require.