BR1438 Briton

Briton 1438 Push Pad

Product Description

Products confirming to EN 179 are only intended for use by personnel who are fully aware of escape routes and have been trained to operate these devices. The Briton 1438 push pad emergency exit device with single point rim latch is suitable for single doors up to 1300mm wide making them an ideal solution for offices, factories and flats.

Features & Functions

  • Push pad operated rim latch.
  • Products designed to satisfy emergency exit applications.
  • Tested in excess of 200,000 cycles.
  • Suitable for single doors and rebated double doors in combination with Briton 372
    vertical bolt device.
  • Handing reversible on-site.
  • Durable aluminium die cast body.
  • All versions supplied complete with fixings, installation instructions and self adhesive “Push Bar to Open” signage.

Available in sprayed silver and PVD plated finishes