BR377 SE Briton

Briton 377 Double Panic Bolt SE

Product Description

The Briton 377 push bar panic exit device for double doors is designed to suit rebated double doors. Featuring an ant-thrust device to prevent forced latch retraction and two point locking for extra security, this solution is ideal for public areas such as shops,
schools, hospitals and cinemas.

Features & Functions

  • Comprises Briton 376 vertical bolt and Briton 378 rim latch devices.
  • Products designed to satisfy panic exit applications or emergency exit applications.
  • Tested in excess of 200,000 cycles.
  • Suitable for rebated double doors with the rim latch fitted to the first opening leaf.
  • Handing reversible on-site.
  • Durable aluminium die cast body and end boxes with extruded aluminium guides.
  • Tubular steel cross bar and vertical shoots can be cut on-site to suit door width and height.
  • 378DDS double door strike included
  • All versions supplied complete with fixings, installation instructions and self adhesive “Push Bar to Open” signage.
  • Available in sprayed silver and plated metallic finishes.
  • Options include alarm activation, manual hold-open (dogging) and quiet close pullman latches.

Available in sprayed silver and PVD plated finishes